Learning together


This is the website of class 5D at Avenue Junior School, where we share our learning, news and important information!


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  1. hello 5d
    I really like your background How did you do it ? Could you please tell me
    From Sam http://bbsam.edublogs.org/ please visit my blog

    • We did this thing called Taxedo and it is realy cool it is where we type all the names in this typing box(in a list)and then submit it and change the coluor and font.


  2. I have got a bunny rabbit he is called poopy he was named that because when i first got him every time he hopped he did a little poo. :):):):D

    from ellie

  3. LOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love foxes and we have 3 cubs who come into our garden every night and i’ll let you know if theres any more cubs tonight fingers crossed

  5. there was a comment on foxes it wasn’t 5d it was from me katherine sos about the name i always

  6. I like foxes


  7. My chikens are probably asslep righit now.


  8. *yawn* it is 8:16


  9. hello to mrs davies from ellie fairfoot (i babysit ewan!!!) 🙂 lol!

  10. Louise Stone said:

    Hello everyone

    If some of you have got good memories, you may remember me – Mrs Stone from Recreation Road Infant School. I absolutely love your blog and all your interesting posts and comments. I would love to start a blog with some year 2 children in the summer term and would like some advice – do you think that you could help me?

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