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Holiday time

Me and my family found a holiday in Menorca , We’ve never been there before it looks wonderful !!!!


the giant cat fish

we all know the cat fish  BUT we dont know the giant cat fish

we all know the cat fish but we dont know the tiny catfish by samuel

Creeper Killers

The Creeper Killers are an awesome band who makes parody’s of songs to make them sound like Minecraft things.

Our new songs that are coming out are called

  • Kill me maybe


  • They’ll always be a Minecraft

and are other songs are

  • Diamond air
  • Creeper war
  • Pigrusalem
  • We are the Monsters

The people in The Creeper Killers are Zachary, Rufus, Sarah, Jade, Samuel, Reuben and Sonny.

 by Zachary and Rufus.



The Olmpics is in  15 days 12 hours 34 mins there are loads of awesome spots in the Olympics and lukas has tickets and samuel has paralympic tickets.


By Jame$ & Luka$

answers for the guinea pig quiz!!

1. 4

2. 5-7 years

3. 100

4. true

5. 1-4 sometimes 7

6. peru


Manga is a japenese art.

 I like doing manga but i’m not very good at it. A few  people in our class is very good.

I like trying to do manga from some books.

Manga are comics created in japan or byJapanese creators in the Japaneselangusge, conforming to a style developed in Japan  in the late 19th century.

by kira and thishika

mystery detected

who are the secret bunny’s they could be any one of you so beware we are going to find out who are the secret bunny’s

we need to stop poachering animals it’s  just sick!!

uno’s is  epic the new game is really fantastic i couldn’t stop playing it with Isobel J we had a great time

this was a random post by the secret bunnys