Learning together

guinea pig quiz!

1. how many toes does a guinea pig have?

          2         3        4          5

2.  what is the average life span of a guinea pig?

      4-6 years         3-5 years       5-7 years

3. how many times does an average guinea pig poo a day?

      50      70      90     100     150     200

4. a guinea pig needs a friend or wont survive as long true or false?

        true                   false

5. how many baby guinea pigs are there in a litter usually?

1-4            4-8           7             1-4  sometimes 7

6. where do people usually eat guinea pigs?

    new guinea         Guyana       Zimbabwe        peru


Wombles are awesome creatures, that are hiding away from humans, they only come out when we are not there! Here are the lyrics to part of the song…

Underground overground Wombling free,

Wombles of Wimbledon common are we,

Making good use of the things that we find,

Things that the everyday folk leave behind!

I (Eve) absolutely LOVE the Wombles!!! 🙂   🙂   🙂

What do you like better?

Wombles or Clangers?                                                                                                                   

(Please leave your answer in a comment!)

I featured a post about Clangers, so please feel free to take a look!

Here are some pics of Clangers (Left) and Wombles (Right).




From Amazing Womble and Clanger Lover,


andy murry came seconed 😥 and the mighty federer wins wimbledon for the 7th time well done federer

The Creeper Killers are a Minecraft Parody Band and we get songs and edit them Minecraft Style we named it Creeper Killers because on Minecraft theres a Monster (Mob) thats called a Creeper and we like killing it 🙂

The people in the band are :

Sarah               Zachary

Jade                 Reuben

Rufus                Samuel.

We work on our songs at Wet play / Self directed learning.

By Sarah & Jade 🙂 (k666yty and Ninjamonkey128 – our Minecraft Names)

luca and reuben went on a server and we went to portals by saying /warp portals. we are going to make a house and luca went to the end and killed the ender dragon luca went up to level 79 and reuben found lots of diamond and we are going to zombie apocalipse

by reuben & luca

In year 6 our teacher will be Mr Hooper and Mrs Lacey- Edwards. This is that first time we will have 2 teachers.Mr.hooper is deputy head and Mrs lacey – Edwards is deputy head assitant.

In year 6 we will  go to KINGSWOOD! We are looking forward to it.

But there is the DREADED SATS! We are looking forward too because after we have done the SATs we get to  play fun stuff! people have also commented that this week was the best week of  year 6

WE CAN’T WAIT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):(

by kira and thishika

In september we are going to year six and our new teacher is Mrs Lacey Edwards and Mr Hooper. They are really nice.  On monday the 9th we went to our new class. We have got the biggest class in the whole entire school.  First of all we had a brick and we have to turn it into something we like so it have to have loads of things that we like so it looked really really really cool.We are looking forward to year six a lot.

Lydia and Yeeling