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100 Word Challenge!

There’s been a bit of a break from the 100 Word Challenge, but it’s back this week! Remember, anyone who enters will get a Team Point. Either write your entry as a post on the blog, or give me a written copy and I will type it up for you.

This week’s prompt is:

…as I turned round it changed shape…

Happy writing!


100 Word Challenge!

This week’s prompt is:
…the noise was SO loud…
Good luck and happy writing!

New 100 word challenge!

For this week, I want you to put on your thinking caps! I am giving you 5 words and they MUST appear in your writing. If you could highlight them or put them in bold it will help your readers to find them!
The words are:
Crocodile Within Wide Orange Collapsed
These do not count in the word count so you can use 105 words altogether.

Esme’s first 100 word challenge

As I watched the statue I wondered who he was and why he was there. This is what I thought:

As the rain lashed in the forest a man named Aubrey fought his way through vines and plants looking for any life in the wild. Then he saw a shadow flash out in front of him it looked small and had four legs he used the last of the power from his touch to see what it was. There it was a tiger cub laying on his path. All of a sudden a flash of lightning darted through the sky and the tiger ran back in to the wild.

From Esme

P.S I used some ideas from literacy today because were planning our Micheal Morpurgo style story and we are basing it on a famous Henry Roseau painting

New 100 word challenge!

This week Mrs Skinner has chosen a picture prompt!

“Think about the person, what he might be doing there, where he has been? Remember you only have 100 words to use to write a creative piece. Think carefully about the words you use. The challenge will be open until midnight on Tuesday 27th September.

Don’t forget to go and comment on the other entries. The challenge is about sharing your work!”

Find the other entries at http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/100-word-challenge-week-3-2/

All entries will receive a Team Point!

100 word challenge!

We will all be taking part in Mrs Skinner’s 100 word challenge this week!

Your task is to write a creative piece 100 words long including the prompt “…as the light came towards me…”

You can write it as a blog post, email it to me or bring it in on paper next week! Have fun!