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Manga is a japenese art.

 I like doing manga but i’m not very good at it. A few  people in our class is very good.

I like trying to do manga from some books.

Manga are comics created in japan or byJapanese creators in the Japaneselangusge, conforming to a style developed in Japan  in the late 19th century.

by kira and thishika


Year 6

In year 6 our teacher will be Mr Hooper and Mrs Lacey- Edwards. This is that first time we will have 2 teachers.Mr.hooper is deputy head and Mrs lacey – Edwards is deputy head assitant.

In year 6 we will  go to KINGSWOOD! We are looking forward to it.

But there is the DREADED SATS! We are looking forward too because after we have done the SATs we get to  play fun stuff! people have also commented that this week was the best week of  year 6

WE CAN’T WAIT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):(

by kira and thishika

bank holiday monday

hi everyone,

just to let you my capoeira team (corda de ouro) is going to be playing at heigham park in norwich  there on the may day.One of my friends from capoeira said “I got inspired to do capoeira from when i saw it there last time”.

capoeira is a non-contact game were as karate is a game were you have to contact the other person.To many poeple capoeira means nothing it is a bit like a made up word maybe,capoeira is from brazil it is a martial art.


If you would like to see some capoeira online then here are intructions.

1.go online

2.get onto you-tube

3.type in capoeira corda de ouro 2012

4. enjoy capoeira online


for another one do the same but type in:

Roda de Rua – Capoeira – Pornic 2011


capoeira music


Brazilian Capoeira – Grading Fight(Kid) – Martial Arts


hope you enjoy watching and learning about capoeira hope you can make it everyone


by kira



link for aztec info

hi guys

i  found a link that you can find info on and it is very very veru very very good for are aztec muesum project! follow this lik to find lots and lots and lots and  lots of aztec info here is the link:


so follow this link every one and for the people around the world we are learning about the aztec at school

have you ever learnt about the aztecs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice pics of google

by kira

kira’s night tonight on the 4th of november

tonight i am going to sparks in the park and i am going to have a great time i am going to go with my mum,paula,andre,tahlia and we are going to take some food and my mum said we will have to rapp up warm here are some pic’s of last year’s sparksin the park.

i went to sparks in the park last year and we don’t acualy go into the park we go to a big field behind but this year we are going to sit outside of the UEA

this is kira’s pet

if you click this link you should find my  pet giraffe


 if you click this one you should find my pet hamster

 if you click this link you should find my pet fish


 if you click this link you will find my pet koala


 if you click this link you should find my pet pony