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On Friday my cusin came round we went to the castle carvery and had a roast the yorkshire puddings were masive. I was full so i didnt eat it but i put it in my mums bag and then eat it later.We went outside onto the play bit we played it my brother was it my nanny and grandad were there as well.My friend works there to and she was there so we said hello.






100 word challenge

This morning i woke up and went outside my mum had brought some brand new curtians they were orange very strange for mum see used to hate orange.So i went outside there was a masive river you would be never ever see crocodiles swim in there.I went tomy anties with my mum my dad and my little baby sister.She had a really really wide hall way she had had it built bigger it used to be realy small i could hardly get though it.Within the hall way there was only shoes so me and my sister played a game.My sister collapsed.

by lydia