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Spellings – Info for parents

I thought I should update on how we are organising spellings this year so that everyone understands the new system!

Children will select up to 5 personal spellings, which will be words they have misspelled in their school work. They will work to learn these weekly (set on one Thursday and tested the following Thursday). Children will need to know their words off by heart so that they can write them down from memory in the spelling test.

As well as this, every fortnight we will focus on a particular spelling rule. As part of their homework, the children are set a spelling challenge, which is to try to find examples of words which fit the spelling rule. These can be written in the homework diary, on the blog or on a separate piece of paper.

This fortnight our spelling rule is:

Plurals of words ending in vowels other than E.

For example: pizzas, rhinos, dominoes, tomatoes, haikus

At the end of the fortnight I will set a short test of mystery words which follow our spelling rule to see if the children can apply their knowledge of the rule to new words.

If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment on this post or see me after school. Thanks!

You may find this website very helpful – you can select your own spelling words and it will give you personalised games based on them!