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Quad Blogging

This January we have joined another Quad and will be blogging with 3 more schools from around the world!

Our new link schools are:

York Central School, Canada

Rosendale Primary School, London

King’s Oak Primary School, Kingston-upon-Thames

Quadblogging is based on an idea by David Mitchell, Acting Headteacher at Heathfield CPS.

Our link schools this year are:

Class Ash at St Andrews CE Primary, Yetminster

Mr Cobb’s Class at Barcombe Primary, East Sussex

Busy Bees at Blackmans Bay Primary, Tasmania

From http://quadblogging.net/:

“Imagine four schools that had a partnership/agreement that would mean that for a four week cycle, each school’s blog would be the focus for one week out of four. Each school in the Quad would spend some time visiting the blog of the school for that week, leave comments etc. After that week, another one of the four schools would be the focus and this would be repeated for the four week cycle and then repeated. It wouldn’t take the pupils long to work out that during their week, they would get a boost in visitor numbers and comments. This would give a real focus to have posts online ready for this bulge in visits. During the other three weeks, pupils get to visit and comment on other blogs in their quad. Pupils being pupils, they would also venture out of the quads and visit other blogs that are linked.”

I took part in Quad Blogging last year and found it was a great way for children to connect with children in other classrooms and share their learning. I am really looking forward to working with our new quad this year!


Comments on: "Quad Blogging" (15)

  1. Hello! We are looking forward to quadblogging with you over the year. From Class Ash in Yetminster 🙂

  2. i am in norich and my name is kira and i can tell you that gwad blogging is great so iam gessing that you will be doing it alot

  3. hi im izzy its going to be fun quad bloging

  4. Mrs Everett said:

    Hi there 5D! Great blogging and see you soon!
    Mrs Everett

  5. it is great quad bloging


  6. I love quad blogging!!:)

  7. I like quad blogging to.

  8. Hello,

    This is 5BC from King’s Oak in New Malden. There are 19 people in the class and this message is from everyone!

    Our school jumper colour is green – what colour is yours?

    We have over 400 people in our school – how many do you have?

    We come from all over the world – lots of us come from Kingston in Surrey (near to London). The rest of us come from places like: Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, India, U.S.A, Italy, Bulgaria, the Philippines and Jamaica. Please let us know where your school is and where you come from.

    We hope you reply!

    Mr C and 5BC

    • our jumper colour is blue
      about 404 people in our school
      mostly england but lots from different countrys
      so is the behavior good in your school?

  9. I love quad blogging!!!

    Eloise 🙂

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