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Writing homework

Remember your homework (due in Monday 1st October) is to choose an interesting picture and write a descriptive paragraph about it using lots of WOW words – just like Michael Morpurgo!



A quick reminder of your weekend homework!
1) Cover your homework diary
2) Everyday maths – writing down all the times you use maths in everyday life and wouldn’t usually realise it!
These are both due in on Monday.
Hope you have a good weekend!

Summer Homework

Your mission is to find out more about the person our class is named after…Mel Clarke!!!

You can present this as a mini project, make a page of information, email a fact page to me…the choice is yours!

I’d like to know…

Which sport does she represent Great Britain in?

Where is she from?

Has she won any medals at previous Paralympics?

What are her life’s achievements?

What challenges has she overcome in order to achieve success?

I would also love to know any other facts that you can find out!

I look forward to reading your research in September!